HD wireless audio for any headphones.

Multi-user streaming that’s better than Bluetooth.

Introducing HUB, the world’s first HD audio streaming system designed specifically for multiple users. HUB features stunning audio fidelity, superior wireless streaming technology, and an elegant design that makes it simple enough for the living room, yet capable enough for the discerning audiophile.

Ultra-Low Latency

Low latency wireless streaming allows for real-time uses like TV watching and gaming. Finally, you can use your favorite headphones in the living room.

Made For Multiple Users

HUB was specifically designed meet the need of a simple, personalized HD listening experience in the living room. Now it’s easy for everyone to connect together.

High Definition Audio

Most wireless systems rely on “lossy” audio compression, which reduces sound quality and creates latency. HUB reproduces true hi-fi audio, with no compromises.

Powerful Wireless Performance

HUB’s wireless streaming technology lets users move about freely at distances of up to 30m, without worrying about dropouts or interference.

Stream any audio to any headphones.

No pairing, no splitters, no hassle.

Control HUB using any mobile device

Control safe volume limits, create custom equalizer profiles, and manage security features like encryption, right from the HUB app. You can even stream your favorite mobile content via Bluetooth.

Coming soon for Android and iOS.

Big sound in a small package.

HUB’s small, rechargeable receivers are made to be perfectly portable, but impressively powerful. Capable of up to better-than-CD quality audio, this tiny receiver can handle whatever you can throw at it– from HD Blu-Ray audio, to lossless, hi-fi digital formats like FLAC.

About Us

ekko Audio is a US-based development firm dedicated to enabling better wireless listening experiences. Our pilot project, HUB, launched successfully on Kickstarter to much critical acclaim, totaling over 1,000 backers from 50 countries, and being published in over 300 combined online and offline publications. Our dedicated 5-person team is located just south of Tampa, in Florida’s gulf coast.